Meet Dr. Ramos
Gifted with a scholarship to attend chiropractic college, Dr. Ramos pursued his education at Life University in Marietta, Georgia. He quickly fell in love with the profession and orthospinology in particular.
Landing in Goose Creek
Dr. Ramos and his wife, whom he met at Life University, weren’t sure where they would establish themselves after finishing their education. His wife’s mother suggested checking out the area outside of Charleston, South Carolina.
The couple hopped in a car and just drove around the region. “We liked what we saw and could imagine ourselves being here.” Dr. Ramos then started looking for positions, with a focus on working in the upper cervical chiropractic field.
Before joining Low Country Clinic, Dr. Ramos was able to work with Dr. Roy Sweat, one of the creators of the Atlas Orthogonal Technique.

Caring for Patients of All Ages
From helping infants to seniors, Dr. Ramos is passionate about the impact natural chiropractic care has on patients of every age. He loves learning ways to impact general overall health in the body rather than just getting on medication or having procedures done.
Through his adjustments, Dr. Ramos is able to help each patient have a healthy nervous system, free of interference. “We know that what we do here is amazing and  it works!”

Enjoying Family Life
Dr. Ramos and his wife, who is a health coach, love living in South Carolina. They have a young daughter, who Dr. Ramos adjusted with the Atlas Technique just moments after her birth. The family enjoys being outdoors in nature and spending time at the beach in particular.
In addition to their natural healthcare professions, Dr. Ramos and his wife own a CBD company. They enjoy educating the community about the health benefits of CBD oil.
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