Meet Dr. Aldrich
Held Back by Headaches
As a child, Dr. Aldrich suffered from severe chronic headaches that the medical doctors could not help with. Later, a car accident intensified his pain, and he sought out a chiropractor. A dynamic, Type A personality, the chiropractor had a full office, and he was helping numerous people. Dr. Aldrich was inspired to follow the same career path.
The Road to Goose Creek
For his undergraduate studies, he attended Niagara University in Niagara Falls, New York. Upon completion of his degree, he moved farther from his hometown of Buffalo, New York to begin chiropractic college. Dr. Aldrich received his Doctor of Chiropractic from Parker University in Dallas, Texas. He then moved back to Buffalo, opening three different clinics and practicing for eight years there.
It was then Dr. Aldrich realized he wanted a change of pace and some warmer weather. He searched for a year and a half for his new home. On a whim, he took a drive through Charleston and fell in love with it. He moved within six months of that trip and has now practiced in our community for over a decade.

A Life-changing Experience
Dr. Aldrich practiced hands-on, full spine chiropractic adjusting for the first 16 years of his career. His own growing low back and neck issues, however, led him to a life-transforming change. He was receiving hands-on adjustments from a fellow chiropractor three times a week for several months, but his problems were not lessening. A colleague suggested Dr. Aldrich seek out training in orthospinology. While at these sessions, he received the first upper cervical adjustment of his entire life.
From that single adjustment, he has yet to experience the same issues that plagued him for so long. Upon the completion of his training, he converted his entire practice to the same technique and has seen it make a profound difference in his patients’ lives. This technique has allowed Dr. Aldrich to help people quicker, with superior results, than in all 16 years he practiced hands-on adjusting.

An Active and Devoted Family Man
Outside of the practice, Dr. Aldrich is a family man with two young daughters, and a son that he spends his spare time with. He enjoys being outdoors, traveling, meeting new people and is an avid fisherman.
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