Do you take insurance?
Yes, most insurances are accepted at our office. We verify your insurance before you incur any fees.
What is the cost of a visit?
Rather than charging a flat fee, the cost of each appointment is based on the treatment that the patient requires. Everybody is different.
How often do I need to come in?
Treatment at Low Country Clinic is based on the individual patient. We do not guess when it comes to your health, so we do not make inaccurate predictions about how many visits you may or may not need.
Why should I come in for maintenance?
You do not wait for a cavity to go to the dentist. You get regular checkups to make sure that your teeth are in good shape and to stop a cavity before it becomes a more serious problem. Chiropractic can be used in the same way. With periodic checks, we can verify that your atlas bone is staying in the proper position, which means that your spine is functioning properly. Once the atlas is out of alignment, your spine will fall into unhealthy compensation patterns, and your pain will return if not addressed.
How can adjusting my neck help my lower back?
Your head weighs 15 pounds — as much as a bowling ball. When your atlas, the top vertebrae of the spine, is out of alignment, it causes pressure all the way down the spine and into the lower back. If your lower back was adjusted, it is not addressing the true problem, which lies in the atlas bone. You may feel temporarily better, but it will not be corrected until the atlas is balanced.
Do you adjust the rest of the spine or only the atlas?
Our patients may occasionally require a hands-on adjustment in a particular area of the spine that is not responding or progressing as it should. About 10-20% of the time, Dr. Aldrich will give you a manual chiropractic adjustment.
Can the atlas bone permanently stay in place?
Your spine, just like the rest of your body, does not stay the same from the time you are born. If you do not maintain the function of the spine, just as you would a car, it will fail you. The changes your spine goes through during your lifetime means that regular checks of it, especially your atlas bone, are necessary to preserve your health.
Why would you treat children if they are not feeling any pain?
Remarkably, it takes 15-20 years of having a problem before you start to feel it. That is the reason that after age 30, most people say they are starting to feel their age. The traumas in childhood are finally catching up. We want to see children in order to start correcting these problems early, allowing them to avoid common problems that occur in adults.
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